Sunday, 30 September 2012


Since our wettest-ever June, the pendulum has swing the other way.  September has been hot and dry.  So dry that the fire hazard cancelled sister Barbara's horse trail-riding events near Coombs this weekend.  So dry that layers of smoke from forest fires have settled among the peaks and valleys along our familiar air routes.
Here are some unusual views from our recent round trip to Calgary:
Looking back at New Denver Glacier from Kuskanax Valley
Rocky Mountain Trench at Sinclair Pass
peaks west of Canmore, Spray Lake
Although the beauty of the layers is arresting, I find it unnerving to fly in the murk.  I felt the same way about scuba diving in poor visibility.  At least with flying there is the potential destination.  Celebrating birthdays with family was worth some anxiety over staying on route.

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  1. Spectacular photos mom! I really like the Spot adventure tracking and the location-based photos. These are some of your best photos. Amazing technology!

    Looking forward to your next adventure pics!