Monday, 10 September 2012

Saturday Sightseeing

We had hoped to attend Fairmont Hot Spring's first ever Fly-In this weekend.  Getting there would not be a problem.  With thunderstorms forecast Sunday, getting home would be a challenge.  So we flew west, not east, to a destination long on our list:  Helmcken Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park.
Helmcken Falls from above

Helmcken Falls and canyon
Not very impressive, eh?  But then Bill swung around for a face-on view, and the majesty of the drop was apparent.
Websites talk about Helmcken being one of the "best waterfalls in all of North America".  With headsets and engine noise, we felt strangely insulated from the view out the windscreen.  We had no sense of the roar at the drop, or the height of the spray.  Here is one geological attraction best seen on foot!
Part of the 3 hours in the air covered new territory for us.  This unnamed lake stood out for its stiking colours around the perimeter:
florescent lake!

Our route took us through the northern portion of the Monashee Range.  The first tinge of Fall is evident on this knoll:
peaks and valleys in Monashee Range
SPOT did a good job of plotting this circle tour.  For routing and more photos, see:

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  1. I am curious if you can identify the florescent lake and if there is forestry service road access!