Friday, 7 September 2012

The Slow Lane

Twin Lakes.  Photo credit:  Skip Young
Isn't this a tranquil scene?  Our friend Skip took the photo on his annual fishing weekend north of Invermere, and shared it and his adventures with us on his way home. 
This idyllic site, nestled in the Purcell Range, is rich in cutthroat trout. 
Hoping to find out more, I googled Twin Lakes, Invermere, and discovered another sports pastime:
Skip assures me that 'his' Twin Lakes have neither the elevation nor the depth for cliff diving.  It got me thinking about the lack of imagination in BC place names.  We have a Bear Lake and a Fish Lake near us, and even the locals disagree on which is which.  Cedar Creek is another ubiquitous place name.  What examples can you contribute, dear readers?

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  1. Excellent screen saver photo that would serve great duty in the 'urban jungle'!