Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Incomparable Incomappleux

We love visitors!  Bill especially, as he gets lots of treats and doesn't have to rummage around for Auntie Dorothy's freezer-burned pork chop.  Sorry, Smith family joke.  
With luck, the weather is good and the visitor wants to fly. Such was the case recently when Bill and Vince headed north in a loop across Beaton Arm, up the Incomappleux Valley, into Roger's Pass, and home via Revelstoke.  It's not a route for the faint hearted, as there are no emergency landing spots until you break out over the TransCanada, and who wants to mix it up with that traffic?
Vince's photos speak for themselves:


  1. Interesting photos from Vince! If it wasn't for a few of his photos that have some green in them, one would not believe he took them early September! From the amount of snow on the peaks of that valley in Vince's photos, my first instinct would be that the photos were taken in winter!

    Great collage!


    1. The Incomappleux peaks range from 8,000 - 9,500 ft. Not much melting happens at that altitude! It's a pleasant flight to take on a hot summer day. Sometime I catch Dad turning on the heater!