Tuesday, 16 October 2012


upland valley
mountain tooth

Rossiter Creek

in the mountains

These vistas look alarmingly close because they were shot from a helicopter.  Brother Will was on Forestry business in our area last week.  Two hardcore foresters who thought they'd seen it all were spellbound by the scenery.  Even the pilot was thrilled to be flying on such a great day!  Will reports that more than once they sucked in air as the helicopter barely swooped over a tight pass in the rocks.  It was odd to be in the middle of nowhere, then see people in highly remote spots - likely hunters or miners.

Thanks, Will, for sharing these wonderful images!


  1. Wow, great colours! In a few weeks time all that will likely be covered with a dusting of snow.

    1. Those are some nice shots. Great to hear you got a short visit in as well.