Monday, 6 August 2012

Above New Denver

One of our favourite flights is very close to home - 5,000 ft above the house!
New Denver, population 556
Carpenter Creek bisects the Village, with the Orchard, Health Centre, Campground, and Marina on the south side.  To the north are Main Street and the school.  Our house is at S-curve at the far north of town.  Our cabin is on Bigelow Bay, a two minute walk down the forested hillside.
Distances are small in our tiny, perfect Village!
A different kind of flying: Jay on the Laser, Bigelow Bay

Today there was an excursion to Idaho Peak lookout.  It's a 12 km drive from Sandon on a bumpy mostly one-vehicle-wide forestry road, followed by a 40 minute hike along a ridge.  At more than 5,000 ft above New Denver, it is almost like being in the plane!
Alamo Basin, on climb to Idaho Peak
Slocan Lake and New Denver from Idaho Peak
The spectacular views make it our most popular tourist destination.  With the snow at that elevation (7,400 ft), Idaho Peak is accessible only briefly mid-summer. If you miss the window of opportunity on your visit here, catch this 360 degree view from the old Forestry Lookout:


  1. Great photos and narrative Mom! Love the sailing photo - it was fun to get out on Slocan Lake when the wind picked up. You sure realize the next day the different muscles used for hiking out!


  2. This lake is a tricky one to sail. You made it look so easy, Jay!