Sunday, 26 August 2012

Where's my gun?

bear in our yard

Living in the mountains of BC means living with wildlife, even in the Village, it seems.
This little fellow, likely his first year on his own, appears to have adopted us. The other morning, on early departure for Calgary, Bill heard him snorting in a hollow near our compost.  Bear was none too cheered to be chased into the north woods.  That night he feasted in our crabapple tree.  The next morning he cruised the raspberry canes.  One day he ambled along the beach shoreline, in full view of swimmers, including our kiddies on the diving pole.  Another day he chased Bill and me up the cabin path from the beach and into the safety of the truck. 

bear at the beach
bear at the cabin
Alas, things will not end well for Bear.  Despite best efforts from Bear Aware and Harvest Share (a program where volunteers pick your fruit and keep half), this fellow has become habituated to village life.  When the harried Conservation Officer out of Grand Forks catches up with his workload, Bear will be trapped and shot.  In the meantime, we carry bear bangers.

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  1. I've had emails asking why the trapped bear isn't relocated. Until recently, that has been the practice. In a majority of cases, Bear returns, regardless of the distance travelled. Now, the solution is a final one.