Monday, 13 August 2012

New Denver Glacier

Bill slipped away from the family hub-bub last week to put more time on his new engine.  With the extra horsepower, our favourite wow-the-visitor sightseeing jaunt is easily doable in hot weather.  On takeoff from Nakusp, Bill follows Upper Arrow Lake to Burton, then hops over the back of the Valhallas to emerge on top of 'our' glacier.  Breathtaking!
New Denver Glacier from bedroom deck
New Denver Glacier, up close and personal

If I could find and scan a similar photo taken when I first saw New Denver (1964), there would be far more ice and snow.  Global Warming or natural ebb and flow?  No doubt in this valley.  The receding glacier has been well-tracked: 

The climber in this video has a pessimistic opinion of its demise: 

Here's the view of New Denver that his camera could not capture, thanks to Chris who snapped this on a similar flight path in July 2009:
Overtop New Denver Glacier with Village beyond


  1. Idaho Peak is beautiful from all angles....

  2. Wow, those are great photos! I forgot all about that 2009 picture; that was with the 2 week old DSLR! It's interesting to see the photo taken last week is pretty well 90 degrees (flying east instead of north) from the one in 2009. The bedroom deck photo highlights that a tree or two needs to be topped.

    Chris & Julie

  3. I am saving my pennies to buy a camera as good as our sons'! Just wish the DSLRs were smaller and lighter. Does anyone have a recommendation?