Saturday, 28 July 2012

East to Duncan

On a sunny morning, Chris and Bill headed east to view the slide at Johnsons Landing then circle over the Lake of the Hanging Glacier and Jumbo Glacier.  As is often the case, clouds changed plans.  This did not deter our intrepid explorers.  "Let's go find another dam or two!"
Duncan Dam, spilling
Duncan Dam was the first of the three constructed for the Columbia River Treaty.  Unlike Mica and Keenleyside, Duncan does not generate power.
For a virtual flyover, click on the Duncan Dam option in here:

Turning north towards Trout Lake, the plane got a free wash as it passed Tenderfoot Glacier.  This is a popular site for heli-skiing out of Nakusp. 

Oh look, there's Revelstoke Dam!  Do you know that it was constructed in 1984, and is BC Hydro's newest dam?  You be the judge of whether BC needs Site C. 

Tenderfoot Glacier in shower
Revelstoke Dam

Son Jay arrives tomorrow and his passion is Railroads.  Next we will likely be tracking coal trains from 9,000 feet!

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  1. The reservoirs are at record heights; the Kinbasket (reservoir behind Mica dam) has never been higher since it was created in 1972. Mica had a test spill (first spill since 1997) to ensure that all goes well when they will likely need to spill later this week. At full spilling capacity, the Mica spillway has 1.5 times the volume of water that flows over Niagra Falls!