Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A new flying year begins!

Here's a vista that gladdens a pilot's heart:  blue sky, clear apron, open runway, and a plane ready to fly:
Soon we too will be airborne.
It is rare to see visiting aircraft in Nakusp.  Taking off was a student, on a cross-country out of Nelson.  We have a soft spot for this rental plane because it contains our old wingtips - sold when we replaced them with strobes and landing lights.  We can't always spot other aircraft, but everyone can now see us!

Where did we go, in celebration of a fine day?  A two and a half hour circle trip, captured in this Spot Adventure:

My favourite image:  sharing the peaks with a cloud layer at 8,5000 feet.

Here is a strange panorama (yes, Bill is flying the plane, but no, he is not that dangerously thin!), taken in the Incomopleaux Valley.

Incomopleaux panorama

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  1. Great photos Mom! Love the panorama. The blue skies remind me of blue sky country here in the land of Alberta. Only difference is take off 10 to 15 degrees C!