Wednesday, 19 December 2012


One of the downsides of Nakusp's beautiful, sleepy little airport is its isolation.  The proximity between town and airport is seen in the large photo in the post below.
Sometimes there are dog walkers, quick to scurry off the runway when a plane approaches.  Birds, coyotes and deer are seasonal hazards.  Occasionally, usually after a weekend, Bill finds beer bottles near the hanger, likely left by partying teenagers.  It is worrying, because it takes very little tampering to affect an aircraft's flight.
The skies cleared briefly yesterday, and we headed to the airport to run the engine and test a new camera.  We were shocked to see the wanton destruction of one of the three resident aircraft!  An essential part was ripped off a second plane.  Damage was done inside a storage hanger.  It is possible that the culprits were interrupted as they approached our plane, as our damage was superficial.
It is a Criminal Code offense to tamper with aircraft.  Last seen, the RCMP Constable was awaiting the forensic team's arrival from Revelstoke.

Perhaps a very real benefit of small town life will apply:  someone will squeal. 


  1. Yikes! Hopefully they catch the goons soon so they don't get a second chance to cause damage.

  2. Aside from the damage to aircraft, there is a bigger problem for the town of Nakusp. Word travels quickly in the close-knit aviation community. Pilots will choose to tie down somewhere else.

  3. Very unfortunate for the owners of the property that was damaged. Hope the vandals are caught.