Thursday, 8 November 2012


Regular readers can detect a pattern to our flying adventures. Living in a steep mountain valley, we have many days – weeks – when the plane sits in its hangar. Our local sightseeing and our long distance travel happen ad hoc, i.e. when the skies clear. Aren't we lucky that we are retired and can fit our excursions around the capriciousness of weather?
Sometimes we awake to this view out our west windows:
early November panorama, Slocan Lake and the Valhallas
Bill checks the airport cam in Nakusp, and if the skies are as clear there, it's a flyday. Here are some vistas from just such a serendipitous adventure. Early November is a transition period. The colourful leaves have fallen. Fire restrictions have ended, and slash burns dot the landscape. Early snow dusts the peaks; valley snow is on the way. 
slash fires on plateau east of Kelowna
Pinnacle Lake, west of Nakusp

Mt Burnham, west side Upper Arrow Lake
Revelstoke ahead

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  1. Photos can be deceiving. How large is pinnacle lake? Could a plane with floats land? Neat shot!